BTA involves academe sector in Lanao Sur on proposed Bangsamoro Education Code
November 27, 2020

CONSULTATION. Sub-panel head for Lanao del Sur MP Zia Alonto Adiong heads today, November 27 the public consultation on Bangsamoro Education Code with the academe sector of Lanao del Sur via Zoom teleconference. (GALao with photo by NUAli, Publication and Media Relations Division, BTA Parliament)

COTABATO CITY — The Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament involved today, November 27, 2020 the academe sector in the province of Lanao del Sur during its third series of public consultations on BTA Cabinet Bill No. 70 or the proposed Bangsamoro Education Code.

Member of Parliament Zia Alonto Adiong, sub-panel head of Bangsamoro Education Code for Lanao del Sur led the public consultation via Zoom teleconference. Technical Working Group (TWG) Chair MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. served as moderator at the BTA Extension Office.

Various academe personalities in Lanao del Sur who participated during the consultation included Mindanao State University (MSU) Main Campus President Habib W. Maca-ayong, MSU College of Education Dean Montia Jamilah D. Sarip, Soar High Knowledge Foundation President Engr. Ali Yusoph, King Faisal Center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies (KFCIAAS) Department Chairman Prof. Jashim Abdurahman, KFCIAAS Graduate School Chairman Prof. Wedad Ramos-Minodar, Dansalan College President Fedelinda B. Tawagon, Senator Ninoy Aquino College Foundation, Inc. President Dayalin Acoon- Tingaraan, MSU-UTC English Department Head Padoman G. Paporo, Dansalan Polytechnic College Shariah Department Head Khardawi Macalnas Abdullah, Association of Ranao Tech-vocational Institutions President Zenaida S. Naga, Institute for Peace and Development in Mindanao Executive Director Acram A. Latiph, MSU College of King Faisal and Islamic Studies, Shari’ah Center Director Anwar Radiamoda, Lanao del Sur Association of Private Schools President Engr. Rasid M. Paca, Hadiyyah Integrated School President Yusoph Latiph, MSU College of Law Dean Atty. Alizedney M. Ditucalan, MSU Marawi Legal Service Division Director Atty. Shiddick Abantas, MSU Faculty Sorhailah Latiph-Yusoph, Phil Fed of Deaf (PFD) President Carolyn D. Bagani, Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation (JMIF) School Registrar Elynn Orellaneda, Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation (JMIF) School Registrar Sadat D. Sampaco, Jamiatul Philippine Al Islamia (JPI) representative Halimanessa M. Alonto, Jamiatu Marawi Al-Islamia Foundation (JMIF) College of Health Sciences Dean Chona G. Limbaring, MSU College of King Faisal and Islamic Studies, Shari’ah Center representative Alim Anshary Bato, Madrasah Maruhom Qadhie Al-Islamie representative Aleem Hamza P. Malawi, Darul Marjannah Litahfidhil Qur-Anil Kareem representative Marjannah P. Hadji Amer, Al-Maarif Educational Center representative Muhammad Macaraya Bani, BRAC Philippines Project Manager Janifa Bangcola along with representatives from the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) Lanao del Sur.

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Adiong stressed in his message that the Bangsamoro Education Code is one of the foundations that we need to secure in order for us to promote meaningful and positive education for the public.

“The purpose of this public consultation is to solicit inputs and comments of our stakeholders in order for us to serve the intention of the Bangsamoro Organic Law. To make our mandate out of the work of the Parliament, to produce a legislation that does not only promote quality education but would also guarantee the reflection of the current demands of our stakeholders on the ground,” Adiong said.

In a previous statement, Panel Chair and MBHTE Minister MP Mohagher Iqbal emphasized that the region’s education system shall soon improve and strengthen if the Parliament approves the Bangsamoro Education Code.

“This document signifies collective vision for an inclusive, balanced, relevant, and effective educational system in the BARMM. Our goal is to develop a strong partnership between the BARMM government and various stakeholders across the region. That is why we are conducting this public consultation, so members of the education community can share their insights to enhance the draft and ensure its passage in the Parliament,” Iqbal said.

On October 28, Iqbal filed the BEC in the plenary during a special session.

Meanwhile, policy and position papers are expected to be submitted on or before December 04, 2020. (GALao, Publication and Media Relations Division, BTA Parliament)

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