On legislative measures: Recapping Bangsamoro Parliament’s sessions
May 13, 2021

COTABATO CITY – Senator Francis Tolentino, chair of the local government committee, lauded Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) for passing two of its priority codes amid the pandemic.

The Administrative and Civil Service Codes have been approved by the Bangsamoro Parliament, while the Education Code is expected to be discussed and approved next week during the parliament’s special session.

BARMM Education Minister Mohagher Iqbal, who was present virtually at the hearing, said that the local government code had already been discussed at the committee level and would be submitted to the parliament.

 “Out of six, you already have five in the pipeline even if you involve the revenue; the Revenue Code is really difficult… on my part, I think if we grade you in so far as your accomplishment is concerned, I think this is more than a passing grade,” Senator Tolentino said in a hybrid hearing this afternoon.

Screencapped from Facebook Live of Committee on Local Government Public Hearing (BARMM), May 14, 2021.

During the three-year transition period, the BTA, as the interim government, is required to pass into law priority codes such as administrative, civil service, education, local government, electoral, and revenue.

Meanwhile, the BARMM’s omnibus election code, crafted by the Government of the Day technical working group, has already been submitted to the Commission on Elections.

The Comelec has established a committee to assess and analyze the Electoral Code of the Bangsamoro to draft observations, comments, and recommendations. (Publication and Media Relations Division, BTA)

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