4 members of Bangsamoro Parliament file bill granting permanent status for long-serving teachers
September 14, 2021

COTABATO CITY— Four members of the Bangsamoro Parliament filed a bill granting permanent status to non-Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) passers who have served for at least ten years of efficient service in the region.

BTA Bill No. 122, also known as the “Provisional Teachers Act of 2021,” intends to recognize the provisional teachers’ contribution, expertise, and years of service in the region. 

Provisional appointments, as defined in the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions (ORAOHRA), are made to appointees who meet all of the position’s requirements except eligibility. 

In the case of the defunct ARMM, Muslim Act No. 303 or Strengthened Basic Education Act in ARMM of 2012 provides mechanisms for provisional teachers to be given permanent status either through years of service or a moratorium for which they can take the licensure exam.

“Unfortunately, the problem persisted and is now inherited by BARMM,” Ziaur-Rahman Adiong said in an explanatory note.

“By granting them permanent status under certain conditions, the authors believe that this would be the most just recourse to resolving the issue and ensure that they continue to contribute to the development of the  Bangsamoro,” he added.

Abdulraof Macacua, Eduard Guerra, and Abdullah Hashim also authored the measure.

Under the proposed bill, all non-LET passers who have served the now-defunct DepEd-ARMM for at least ten years will be given permanent status if they meet the qualifications for the post, which include:

-Teacher must have rendered a continuous service to the defunct ARMM at least ten years in teaching before the effectivity of this act;

-He/She must pass the qualifying exam provided by the Ministry of Basic, Technical, Higher Education (MBHTE) – BARMM; and

-Other conditions may be deemed necessary.

“This proposed measure also provides for other mechanisms that would facilitate the integration of provisional teachers not meeting the 10-year of continuous service criteria.”

Teachers who have rendered continuous service for less than ten years are required to take the LET within two years, while those graduates of other degree courses hired to teach specializations in elementary and secondary must pass the licensure exam within five years of their teaching term, the measure stated. (Publication and Media Relations Division)