Bangsamoro Parliament condemns killing of 2 MSU students, other violence committed against LGBTQ+ members
September 22, 2021

COTABATO CITY — The Bangsamoro Parliament has denounced the killings of two students at Mindanao State University (MSU)-Marawi and acts of violence against members of the LGBTQ+ community in Datu Piang, Maguindanao.

Through the approved resolutions, members of the Bangsamoro Parliament urged the Bangsamoro Government through the Office of Chief Minister, relevant ministries, and constituent local government units to develop a concrete action plan to promote and protect the rights of the victims.

On the night of September 14, unidentified men shot and killed two students inside the MSU Marawi campus.

Police have identified the victims as Hamza Rauf, 25, a physical education student, and Omar Zinal, 23, an engineering student. 

Members of the Parliament urged the ministries of Education, Local Government, Public Order and Safety, and Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission to provide “appropriate” support to MSU and other local institutions in bringing justice to victims’ families. 

Offices that were mentioned to assist the investigation of the murder case, according to the MPs, must act to secure the safety and rights of the Bangsamoro people, citing unresolved incidents of violence and murder that happened within the campus have left students and academic staff in fear. 

Meanwhile, on a separate motion, the BTA also condemned the violence, discrimination, and murder committed against some members of the LGBTQ+ community in Datu Piang, Maguindanao, on September 18 and 19. 

An improvised explosive device exploded as the victims were playing volleyball in the town plaza of Datu Piang, injuring eight (8) individuals. The incident has left one person dead and seven people wounded.

A day later, another member of the LGBTQ+ was murdered in her own home by an unidentified assailant.

MP Susana Anayatin, one of the authors of the approved resolution, stated that these alleged hate crimes must be stopped.

She emphasized that people, regardless of sexual preference, “must be given protection and must feel protected by the community and the government.”

“The Bangsamoro government must pursue an investigation prioritize establishing whether the victims were targeted based on their sexual orientation or gender identity,” said in the resolution, adding that this would help protect the LGBT people from illegal acts and prevent discrimination, harassment, inhumane, and unfair treatment.

Bangsamoro Parliament said that “no one has the license to unfairly treat any person on account of race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs or sexual preference. The freedom to choose particularly on sexual preference is internationally recognized, and their rights ought to be respected.”

The resolution mentioned a Hadith that it is forbidden for Muslims to kill their fellow non-Muslims.

Resolutions 517 and 524 condemning the killings of two students were introduced by MPs Atty. Rasol Mitmug Jr., Atty. Laisa Alamia, Atty. Suharto Ambolodto, Engr. Baintan Adil-Ampatuan, Engr. Don Loong, Rasul Ismael, Amir Mawallil, and Punduma Sani.

While the resolution on condemning the acts of violence against members of LGBTQ++ were sponsored by Dr. Susana Anayatin, Atty. Maisara Latiph, Bainon Karon, Muslima Asmawil, and Narciso Ekey. (Publication and Media Relations Division)

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