BARMM bill seeks to create Disaster Resilience Ministry
November 17, 2021

COTABATO CITY— Several members of the Bangsamoro Parliament filed a bill that seeks to strengthen disaster risk reduction and management in the region through creating the Ministry of Disaster Resilience.

“Considering that the BARMM is a disaster-prone region in which disasters are inevitable, adding one ministry that caters to disaster resilience is a good investment,” the bill’s explanatory note reads.

Said ministry, according to the bill, will be the “very arm of the region in disaster risk reduction and management,” and it would serve as the primary institution of the Bangsamoro Government in ensuring safe, adaptive, and disaster-resilient communities.

It will also lead, spearhead, initiate and integrate the crafting and implementation of comprehensive, continuous, and strategic plans, programs, projects, and activities to reduce the risk of all types of natural hazards and effects of climate change.

The Ministry will supervise and coordinate the preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation of disaster and climate resilience plans.

Based on the 2014 World Risk Report, the Philippines ranked second in the World Risk Index. This can be attributed to the annual average of 20 typhoons, 25 active volcanoes, earthquakes, and landslide threats, as well as human-induced disasters caused by extremist militant groups such as Abu Sayyaf Group and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, among others.

Authors of the proposed Parliament Bill 153 or Bangsamoro Disaster Resilience Act of 2021 said the measure considered various studies and reviews.

The proposed Parliament Bill 153, also known as the Bangsamoro Disaster Resilience Act of 2021, was based on a number of studies and reviews, according to its authors.

“As of this date, disaster risk reduction management in the region is still patterned from the national government,” the authors wrote.

For the emergency measures, the Ministry will ensure protection, and preservation of life or property in anticipation of, during, and in the aftermath of emergencies, hazards, and disasters, including preemptive and forced evacuations.

Through the Ministry, the Bangsamoro Government will observe internationally accepted standards for recovery, planning, programming, and implementation of the recovery process.

The Bangsamoro Government, through the Ministry, would adhere to internationally acknowledged standards for recovery, planning, programming, and implementation of the recovery process.

The bill also proposes forming the Bangsamoro Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, which will act as the oversight and highest policy-making body in disaster risk reduction and management in the region.

Bangsamoro Special Disaster Operation Center will be the team that will support local government units in preparing for hazards and responding to disasters. (Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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