BTA introduces bill institutionalizing conflict-sensitive planning
March 23, 2022

COTABATO CITY — To sustain the gains of peace, a Bangsamoro lawmaker filed in today’s session, March 23, a bill that seeks to institutionalize conflict-sensitive planning in the Bangsamoro Government.

BTA Bill No. 181, principally authored by Member of the Parliament Amilbahar Mawallil, is known as the Conflict Sensitive Planning in the Bangsamoro Act of 2022.

“Planning without quality data and analysis to base on may lead to unintended consequences… that can mean causing harm to already vulnerable communities,” said MP Mawallil.

“It is incumbent upon the Bangsamoro Government to promote conflict sensitivity in government and in how it governs,” added MP Mawallil.

Under the proposed bill, the Bangsamoro Regional Peace and Order Council (BRPOC) is mandated to prepare a status report that will serve as an annual conflict analysis for the region.

Moreover, the Bangsamoro Conflict Monitoring System (BCMS), a repository of data, information, and analyses on conflicts in the regions, will be revived and linked to existing regional and local planning databases.

BRPOC is likewise tasked to craft a comprehensive capacity development program to address gaps in the Bangsamoro government’s capacities for peace and shall guide it in conducting such activities.

In addition, all ministries, offices, agencies, and instrumentalities across the region involved in crafting the comprehensive development plan, contingency plan, and disaster risk reduction and management plan are covered.

“By institutionalizing conflict-sensitive planning and producing conflict-sensitive plans,” MP Mawallil said, “the Bangsamoro Government is more likely to sustain the peace gains and introduce policies, programs, projects, and activities that are responsive and do not cause harm.” (LTAIS- Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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