BARMM Chief Minister Ebrahim commits to pass electoral, local governance code by end of 2022
September 15, 2022

COTABATO CITY — BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim has committed to delivering the Bangsamoro electoral code and the local governance code by the end of the year or first quarter of 2023.

During the inauguration ceremony on Thursday afternoon, September 15, Chief Minister Ebrahim personally handed over to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. printed copies of the draft electoral and local governance codes.

Chief Minister Ebrahim also said that they intend to enact the Bangsamoro Indigenous People’s Rights Act, gender and development code, internally displaced people law, magna carta for persons with disabilities, irrigation system bill, and energy development corporation of the Bangsamoro charter, among other important legislation.

They will also file more than 20 cabinet bills upon the start of the regular session.

“Rest assured, Mr. President, that we will complete all the remaining transition priorities and finish setting up a government not only for peaceful and orderly elections in 2025 but also a government capable of continuing the transformation of the BARMM into a progressive and responsive region,” said Ebrahim.

The first BTA has enacted 31 bills and adopted 263 resolutions from 2019 to 2022.

He also highlighted the collective efforts and significant milestones of the Bangsamoro government.

“We once again take our oath of moral governance as a symbol of our renewed commitment to dutifully finish the transition priorities, fight the ills of governance, and fulfill our Amanah-our trust to the Bangsamoro people,” said Ebrahim.

Ebrahim also thanked President Marcos for heeding the call of the Bangsamoro people, particularly on the composition and leadership of the transition authority.

“We will make the successful implementation of the Bangsamoro peace process as one of your greatest legacies,” he said. (LTAIS-Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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