Bangsamoro lawmakers propose establishment of drug rehabilitation center
August 15, 2023


COTABATO CITY ― Some Bangsamoro lawmakers are taking a stance against the alarming rise of drug dependency with the introduction of Parliament Bill No. 230, a comprehensive initiative aimed at establishing a drug rehabilitation center within the region.

The bill, which was primarily authored by Member of the Parliament Kadil Sinolinding Jr., emphasizes the imperative need to address the growing drug dependency crisis, which not only threatens the well-being of families but also poses a significant threat to national security.

Citing alarming data obtained from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency of the BARMM, MP Sinolinding disclosed that the region is presently home to over 33,000 drug dependents.

Due to the lack of appropriate facilities in the region, these individuals are frequently confined to detention centers, which raises both practical and ethical concerns.

Sinolinding proposes to establish the Bayt Tahiliyyah Bahay Kanlungan for Drug Dependents, a specialized drug rehabilitation center that aims to provide much-needed care, treatment, rehabilitation, and reformation services for those grappling with drug dependency.

To ensure the successful operation and oversight of this proposed center, the Ministry of Health will collaborate closely with key agencies, including the BJMP-BARMM, PDEA, and other relevant BARMM line agencies.

MOH will determine the location of the drug rehabilitation center, considering accessibility, safety, and security into account.

MPs Atty. Lanang Ali Jr., Prof. Eddie Alih, Mudjib Abu, Abdulaziz Amenodin, Dr. Susana Anayatin, Dan Asnawie, Ali Montaha Babao, Bai Maleiha Candao, Atty. Sha Elijah Dumama-Alba, Suharto Esmael, Matarul Estino, Rasul Ismael, Muslimin Jakilan, Albakil Jikiri, Khalid Hadji Abdullah, Hatimil Hassan, Den Martin Kahalan, Atty. Jose Lorena, Hamid Malik, Marjanie Macasalong, Froilyn Mendoza, Tawakal Midtimbang, Michael Midtimbang, Abdulkarim Misuari, Nurredha Misuari, Ali Salik, Atty. Rasol Mitmug Jr., Suwaib Oranon, Abdulwahab Pak, Atty. Randolph Parcasio, Ramon Piang Sr., Ali Sangki, Romeo Sema, Engr. Aida Silongan, and Atty. Sittie Fahanie Uy-Oyod are co-authors of PB No. 230. (LTAIS-Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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