Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, and Agrarian Reform




Duties, Power and Jurisdiction

It shall have jurisdiction on all matters relating to agriculture, food and agricultural production, agri-business, agricultural research and technology, agricultural education, including extension services, agricultural experimental and nursery stations, soil survey and conservation, irrigation, animal husbandry and quarantine, crop and livestock production, farm credit and farm security, insurance and guarantee programs, agricultural support prices, fisheries and aquatic resources, fresh water and fisheries culture, research and technology, and fisheries education and training. It shall exercise jurisdiction on all matters relating to the implementation of the agrarian reform law, either passed by the Congress or the BTA and which are applicable in the Bangsamoro including support for agrarian reform beneficiaries.

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Subcommittee on Agriculture

Chairperson: Ali B. Sangki
Vice Chairperson: Basit S. Abas

1. Baintan A. Ampatuan
2. Mohammad S. Yacob
3. Suwaib L. Oranon
4. Salik O. Ali
5. Akmad I. Abas
6. Mohagher M. Iqbal
7. Rasul E. Ismael

Subcommittee on Fisheries

Chairperson: John Anthony L. Lim
Vice Chairperson: Denmartin A. Kahalan

1. Don Mustapha A. Loong
2. Eddie M. Alih
3. Muslimin A. Jakilan
4. Dan S. Asnawie
5. NurRedha I. Misuari
6. Mosber E. Alauddin

Subcommittee on Agrarian Reform

Chairperson: Ali Montaha D. Babao
Vice Chairperson: Jaafar Apollo Mikhail L. Matalam

1. Suharto M. Ambolodto
2. Tawakal B. Midtimbang
3. Michael E. Midtimbang
4. Ibrahim D. Ali
5. Nabila Margarita P. Pangandaman

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