Gender and Development Focal Point System – Roles and Responsibilities

GADFPS Executive Committee
The Chairperson of GADFPS shall be responsible to perform the following tasks with the assistance of the Vice Chairperson:

  • Supervise and monitor the implementation and mainstreaming of GADFPS related activities;
  • Recommend and submit GADFPS Plan and Budget to the Parliament Speaker;
  • Draft Activity Request Form related to GADFPS PAPs within Regional Level;
  • Conduct quarterly meeting to ensure GADFPS PAPs are well implemented; and
  • Review consolidated GADFPS accomplishment report and provide recommendation for effective implementation and mainstreaming of GADFPS PAPs of the BTA.

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Provide direction and give policy advice to the Parliament Speaker to support and strengthen the GADFPS and BTA’s GAD mainstreaming activities;
  • Direct the identification of GAD strategies, PAPs, and targets based on the results of the gender analysis and gender assessment, taking into account the identified priorities of the BTA in response to the gender issues faced by its clients and employees;
  • Ensure the timely submission of the BTA GAD Plan and Budget, Accomplishment Report, and other GAD-related reports to the BWC;
  • Ensure effective and efficient implementation of the BTA GAD programs, activities, and projects, and the judicious utilization of the GAD budget;
  • Build and strengthen the partnership of the BTA with concerned stakeholders such as women’s groups or CSOs, national government agencies, GAD experts and advocates, among others in pursuit of gender mainstreaming;
  • Recommend approval of GAD Plans and Budgets and GAD ARs; and
  • Recommend awards or recognition to outstanding GAD PAPs or individual who have made exemplary contribution to GAD.
The Technical Working Group (TWG) of the GADFPS shall perform the following functions:

  • Facilitate the implementation of the gender mainstreaming efforts through the GADFPS planning and budgeting process;
  • Formulate BTA GADFPS Plans, Programs, and Budget in response to the gender gaps and issues faced by their clients and constituencies, women and men employees, following the conduct of a gender audit, gender analysis, and/or review of sex and age disaggregated data (SADD);
  • Assist in the capacity development of and provide technical assistance to BTA Offices. In this regard, the TWG shall work with the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) on the development and implementation of an appropriate capacity development program on gender equality and women’s empowerment for its employees as necessary;
  • Coordinate with the Member of the Parliament’s offices and ensure their meaningful participation in GADFPS strategic and annual planning exercises including the preparation, consolidation and submission of GAD Plans and Budget (GPB);
  • Coordinate with the Public Information, Publications, and Media Relations Division (PIPMRD) with regard to the advocacy activities and the development of Information, Education, and Campaign (IEC) materials for the activities of the GADFPS and GADFPS mainstreaming activities;
  • Monitor the implementation of GADFPS-related programs, activities, and projects and suggest corrective measures to improve implementation of GADFPS PAPs;
  • Prepare, consolidate, and submit accomplishment reports to the GADFPS; and
  • Provide regular updates and recommendations to the Chairperson or Executive Committee on the activities of the GADFPS and the progress of BTA GADFPS mainstreaming activities based on the feedback and reports of the various units of the agency.


Assist and provide technical assistance in monitoring of GAD related PAPs;

  • Provide technical assistance in the formulation of annual GAD Plan and Budget;
  • Ensure that all activities have gender lens perspectives or objectives;
  • Facilitate the Annual GAD Assessment and Evaluation;
  • Consolidate GAD accomplishment report and shall provide GAD Statistical Report afterwards; and
  • Provide logistics support as necessary.


  • Responsible for the formulation of costing and allocation of annual GAD Budget;
  • Review the Activity Request Forms and identify the amount charged to GAD budget;
  • Provide budget proposal for all GAD activities;
  • Submit consolidated GAD Financial Report (semi-annual and annual);
  • Provide technical assistance on identification of activities that CAN and CANNOT be charged to GAD Budget;
  • Responsible for the monitoring of new DBM circulars issuances related to GAD activities disbursement and ensure that all GADFPS members will be informed and updated; and
  • Provide logistics support as necessary.


  • Facilitate and provide technical assistance with regard to the sex and age disaggregated data (SADD);
  • Facilitate and provide Management Information System (MIS) related to GAD activities;
  • May act as Resource Person on training related to Information Technology to the clients; and
  • Provide logistics support as necessary.


  • Responsible and provide publications (news, articles, press release and IEC materials) related to the implementation of GAD related activities within BTA;
  • Ensure that every BTA GAD module has gender lens perspective;
  • May act as Resource Person on trainings related to Gender and Development to the clients; and
  • Provide logistics support as necessary.

GADFPS TWG Secretariat

The GADFPS Secretariat shall perform the following functions:

  • Provide administrative support to the GADFPS;
  • Organize and arrange meetings of the GADFPS;
  • Document GADFPS activities and milestones for reporting;
  • Assist in the conduct of GADFPS-related activities of the BTA; and
  • Assist in the preparation of the annual GAD plan and budget and accomplishment reports.

GADFPS Ex-Officio

As need arises, the GADFPS Ex Officio Members:

  • may represent BTA GADFPS on meetings with the other concerned agencies;
  • provide expertise on GAD to other GADFPS members; and
  • provide recommendation for better implementation and mainstreaming of BTA GAD PAPs.

GADFPS Member of Parliament ‘s Office Representative

  • Ensure implementation of GAD PAPs with their respective office;
  • Review, recommend, and ensure gender lens perspectives in activities;
  • Facilitate and submit consolidated accomplishment report of GAD related activities of their respective office;
  • Provide and submit recommendation on activities related to GAD for possible inclusion in the BTA annual GAD Plan and Budget;
  • If needed, submit articles related to the implementation of GAD-related activities of their respective office; and
  • Provide logistics support as necessary.
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