Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division

The following are LMLAD’s service mandate and deliverables:

1. Provide an in-depth and comprehensive evaluation of the current draft of a bill to ensure its constitutionality and consistency with national and regional laws, upon request from a Member of the Parliament (referred as “Legal Reviews”).

2. Respond to an existing query on legal matters and review of legal documents affecting the Bangsamoro Parliament upon request from a Member of the Parliament and/or Parliamentary Professionals (referred as “Legal Opinions”).

3. Conduct legal research and analyses initiated by PRLS on existing laws, their legislative history, policy background, and provisions (referred as “Legal Commentaries”).

4. Summarize Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts by underscoring their salient provisions (referred as “Legal Primers”).

5. Lead in conducting the LMLAD legislative workshop which includes mentorship, legal research writing, and bill drafting.

7. Organize legislative talks such as meetings, colloquies, roundtable discussions, seminars, forums, conferences, summits, or conventions.


Attorney V

A CPA Lawyer by profession, Hisham Nazz Ala Biruar is a native of Cotabato City born to an Iranun father and a Maguindanaon mother. After passing the Career Service Professional Exam in 2011 where he ranked first among the successful examinees from ARMM, and the CPA Licensure Examination in 2013, he began his career in government as an Accountant in the Regional Legislative Assembly (RLA-ARMM).

As a young, promising accountant, his work involved the review of financial data and preparation of financial reports and statements of the office. Prior to his appointment as the Head of the Legislative Measures and Legal Assistance Division of the Bangsamoro Parliament, he served as the Chief of Staff (Supervising Political Affairs Officer III) of one of the Parliament Members, Hon. Abraham T. Burahan, since 2019. With his legal knowledge, he assisted his principal in the review and evaluation of various legislative measures. Atty. Biruar can be reached at [email protected].

LMLAD Contacts

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