Member of Parliament

Position(s): BTA Member

Contact Person: Margany R. Gumander

Contact Number: 09264816048

Email Address: [email protected]

Social Media:

Office Address: 1st Floor Datu Kabilan Sema Building, Bangsamoro Gov Cener , RH 7, CBO CITY

Biosketch of MP Mudjib C. Abu

Hon. Mudjib C. Abu is a moro militant and a government official. Among the 10 children of the late Vice Chairman of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), Ghazali Jaafar,known as the “Father of Bol” and Lucaya C. Abu, he is the eldest. His father was the first appointed speaker of the Bangsamoro Parliament. He grew up supporting his father to campign for an independent state in Mindanao, but later pursued autonomy for Bangsamoro Region. Mudjib Abu was appointed Bangsamoro Transition Authority member by President Rodrigo Duterte to support the legislature of the transitional regional government of Bangsamoro to succeed his father in the new region’s interim government.


Principal Authored Bills and Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts:

Principal Authored Proposed Resolutions:

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Co-Authored Proposed Resolutions:

Co-Authored Adopted Resolutions:

Speeches, Publications and related documents:

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