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Position(s): BTA Member


Contact Number: 09156116282

Email Address: [email protected]

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Office Address: Bangsamoro Parliament, Bangsamoro Government Center, Governor Gutierrez Avenue, Cotabato City, 9600

Biosketch of MP Suharto Esmael

MP Suharto Sandayan Esmael, MSc, is one of the sons of Former MP Abduladzis M. Esmael, also known as “Kagui Jordan”  – one of the Top 300 core members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Front Commander of Southern Mindanao Front. His father is also a former Member of the Parliament for 2019-2022.

Educational Background

He finished his Bachelors Degree in Information Technology at System Technology Institute (STI) in Cotabato City. With the support of the Turkish Government Scholarship, he later pursued a Masters Degree in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the prestigious Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.

With his educational attainment in Turkey, he was selected as the Vice Chairman of the Moro International Student Association (MISA), a student-alumni organization of Bangsamoro Students in the Republic of Turkey. They led the group of Bangsamoro student delegates to gain honor and recognition in Turkey as globally competitive students.

Getting involved in an organization for the youth which he is devoted to, MP Esmael saw a pearl of wisdom that brought him to take this into a legislative approach.

Earlier Jobs

MP Suharo Esmael’s journey as a public servant started when he held significant positions in various institutions, such as:

a) Secretariat (Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), June 2013 to September 2014);
b) Information Technology Officer I (Department of Public Works and Highways, April 2018 to February 2019); and
c) Executive Director (United Voices for Peace Network, Inc., 2019-2020)
d) Supervising Political Officer I (Bangsamoro Transition Authority, March 2019 to August 2022).

With his experiences and leadership skills developed at an early stage of life, he has a resolute desire to be an agent of change in the community powered by clear leadership direction and unselfish dedication to offer his voluntary services to the people. It made him a promising young leader in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

MP Esmael worked as his father’s Program Manager before becoming a Parliamentarian. With the assistance of the former MP, MP Esmael planned the Offices three years of operations.

Programs that strive to aid indigent families and people in need, and other programs mostly centered on the former Combatants in BARMM, such as educational assistance for their children, are just a few of the activities MP Esmael excelled at providing throughout his service.

MP Esmael is also currently serving as the enthusiastic Vice Chairman for the Board of Trustees of a nonprofit organization well known for its trade in serving the youth of Bangsamoro, the United Voices for Peace Network (UVPN), Inc.

Committee Membership

As a Member of the Parliament, he started his career as a legislator with an exceptional display of professionalism and eloquence. Hence, he was nominated and voted with no objection as a member of twelve (12) different Parliamentary Committees; to wit:

1. Committee on Science and Technology – Chairperson
2. Committee Environment, Natural Resources & Energy – Vice-Chairperson
3. Committee on Rules – Member
4. Committee on Amendments – Member
5. Committee on Accounts – Member
6. Blue Ribbon Committee – Member
7. Committee on Health – Member
8. Committee on Finance, Budget & Management – Member
9. Committee on Social Services & Development – Member
10. Committee on Transportation and Communication – Member
11. Committee on Women, Youth, Children, and PWD – Member
12. Special Committee on Typhoon Paeng – Member

With his initiatives, proven track record, and advocacies for good moral governance, utmost delivery of quality services, and protection of the rights of the underprivileged members of society, he was awarded membership of the above-mentioned Committees in the Parliament.

His leadership style and capabilities along with his untiring effort to serve the Bangsamoro people did not escape the eyes of the BARMM leadership scouting for worthwhile leaders who can make a difference in the people’s lives. Eventually, he was selected from among the long list of candidates to b a Member of the BTA Parliament from 2022 to 2025. He took his oath as a Member of the Parliament before the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand E. Marcos Jr., at Malacanang Palace on August 11,2022.

Principal Authored Bills and Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts:

Co-Authored Bills and Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts:

Principal Authored Proposed Resolutions:

Principal Authored Adopted Resolutions:

Co-Authored Proposed Resolutions:

Co-Authored Adopted Resolutions:

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