Member of Parliament

Position: BTA Member

Contact Person: HAMSARI A. USMAN

Contact Number: 09166290404

Email Address: [email protected]

Social Media:

Office Address: Door 4-047, 2/F, DTAB Commercial Building, Anacleto Badoy St., Poblacion III, Cotabato City

Biosketch of MP Abdullah Biston Hashim

Abdullah Biston Hashim, the eldest son of MILF founding Chairman Salamat Hashim, was born on December 10, 1987. He began his undergraduate studies in Notre Dame University of Cotabato City, finishing second place overall in the entrance exam. He was later on elected as councilor of the engineering department student government. During his studies in the said university, Hashim was inspired to learn about his religion which was beloved to his late father by joining Muslim student organizations such as the Muslim Youth Religious Organization (MYRO) and Tabligh Risala Organization (TRO). Hashim remained in the background in regards to current events, although he was constantly informing himself, and being in full support of the peace process that was slowly taking place. He was supportive of a peaceful solution to the fight his father, Salamat Hashim begann which in turn was also a solution which the Senior Hashim considered in his lifetime.

Hashim further expanded his understanding of his religion through the influence of his colleagues in Wisdom Islamic School, Davao City and their connections to the students of knowledge and Scholars of Islam, in a balanced and orthodox approach. Hashim promotes this approach, as a layman, in which moderation in accordance with the Islamic texts and understanding of the early pious Muslims is espoused. It is an understanding of Islam that concides with the religion’s true nature, devoid of newly invented religious practices and religious extrimism on both sides of the the spectrum, as Hashim firmly believes. Hashim’s appointment a Member of Parliament was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on Febraury 11, 2020, filling the vacated seat of the late MP Atty. Abdul Dataya and completing the 80-member roster of the Bangsamoro Parliament. The Office of MP Hashim started initial preparations and operations in March 2020, but due to the hindrances caused by the lockdown, it was not until June 16, 2020 that he was officially introduced to the Parliament and the full operations of his Office began.

MP Hashim currently advocates the success of the peace process in its entirety through the peace agreements and the success of the BARMM. The MP also advocates the transitioning combatants sector as a primary concern of his Office, as prime stakeholders of the peace process. MP Hashim advocates anti-extremism initiatives through education and social policies and programs.

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