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Plenary Affairs Division

Aster Zahira Piang Antenor

The strategic priorities of the Plenary Affairs Division (PAD) are to increase in quality of both plenary secretariat service and off-session technical and advisory services to BTA Parliament members.

It provides technical assistance to plenary sessions. Pre-session activities include preparation, encoding, and printing of plenary session agenda; and preparation of plenary session material. During the plenary sessions, staff on duty document session proceedings and distribute agenda bills, resolutions, and other documents to the Members of Parliament. Post-session include submission of approved bills and resolutions to pertinent signatories; editing and printing of bills and resolutions; and editing and printing of verbatim record of session proceedings.

The PAD maintains close coordination with other Legislative Operations Services (LOS) divisions. Verbatim reports are forwarded to the Editorial and Publication Division (EPD), from which journals of sessions are made.

The Division informs the Majority Floor Leader as to the bills, resolutions, committee reports, communications received, and other official documents for inclusion in the agenda for the session.

It also transmits referral of bills, resolutions, and other documents to Committee Affairs Division (CAD) and chairperson/s of committee/s concerned. The CAD, then, submits signed committee reports with attachments for inclusion to the agenda.



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