Plenary Support Service

The Plenary Support Services (PSS) shall oversee the smooth operations of plenary sessions, and shall be tasked with maintaining a transparent and accurate record of events during session and assist the members of the Parliament in the real-time recording of sessions proceedings, tracking, and updating of all legislative measures, speeches, and all matters taken during plenary session.


Director II

Bills & Index Division

The Bills and Index Division (BID) is the office where the bills and resolutions are filed. It shall be responsible for the calendaring and preparation of the legislative agenda, the encoding of filed bills and resolutions into its proper format prior to First Reading, the referral of bills to its appropriate committees, the distribution of copies to individual members of the Parliament and other concerned Parliament officers, the indexing of and monitoring of every bill filed, the engrossment of amendments of bills and resolutions down to the preparation of Third Reading copies and enrolled bills for signature.


Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II

Plenary Affairs Division

The Plenary Affairs Division (PAD) shall provide technical and administrative assistance to the Parliament during its plenary sessions. It shall ensure the smooth operations during plenary sessions, including provision of logistical support.


Supervising Legislative Officer II

Journal Division

The Journal Division (JD) shall provide administrative assistance to the Parliament during its plenary sessions. This assistance includes the recording of what transpired at the plenary setting such as the receipt and calendaring of proposed bill, resolution, and other legislative measures filed by the Members of Parliament for consideration, and the privilege speeches delivered. Inherent thereto is the manual amendments/substitution/consolidation of proposed bill, resolution, and other legislative measure during deliberation, and the encoding of its final version duly adopted by the Parliament. It shall keep and maintain records of proposed and/or approved bills and resolutions and such other legislative documents filed and submitted to the division for record and custody. It shall also ensure the availability of said documents for distribution to the Members of Parliament or their authorized staff during plenary session or at anytime as may be requested. 


Supervising Legislative Staff Officer II

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