Secretary General

Secretary General


Position: Secretary-General

Office Address: BTA Parliament Building, BARMM Compound 9600 Cotabato City, Philippines
Contact Number: 09277325521

THE SECRETARY-GENERAL carries out and enforces orders and decisions of the Parliament; keeps the Journal of each session; notes all questions of order together with the decisions thereon; complete the printing and distribution of the Records of the Parliament and submits to the Speaker all contracts and agreements approval; acts as the custodian of the property and records of the Parliament and all other government property in its premises. Subject to the supervision control of the Speaker, the Secretary General is the immediate chief of the personnel of the Parliament and is responsible for the faithful and proper performance of their official duties.

Like the Speaker, the Secretary General is elected by a majority vote of all the Members at the commencement of each Parliament.

BTA Sec-Gen thanks Malaysian experts for supporting BARMM

The Secretary-General of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament, Prof. Raby Angkal, expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Malaysian Parliament for their support to the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Mindanao (BARMM) during the three-day ‘Training on Parliamentary Rules and Procedures’ held in Cotabato City on February 22 to 24.

The members of the BTA Parliament and their chiefs of staff participated in the training whose aim was for the participants to further understand ‘Basic Concepts in Parliament and Parliament-Related Legislation and Documents,’ among other topics.

Angkal conveyed his thanks to the resource persons, Muhamad Sujairi and Augustine Leonard Anak Jen, Secretary of the Senate and Research Officer, respectively of the Parliament of Malaysia, and Muhamad Sayuti Bin Hassan, Senior Lecturer in the Sultan Idris Education University in Malaysia.

“Our thanks and gratitude to the leadership of House of Senate and House of Representatives of the Parliament of Malaysia for allowing their experts to come and be our resource persons for the training,” Angkal said.

“I am confident that the knowledge and skills that our resource persons have imparted to us shall become an instrument to successful legislation in the BTA Parliament,” he added.

Angkal noted that the Bangsamoro Government will remember the sincere and tireless efforts and contribution of the Malaysian Parliament once the Bangsamoro “Legislative Rules and Procedures” succeed.

He further said the training “shall in anyway contribute to the mission of the BARMM Government of the day, to establish Moral Governance in the Bangsamoro.”

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