COTABATO CITY—The Bangsamoro Parliament, which continues to prioritize the health care needs of the Bangsamoro people, has pushed for more hospital buildings and upgrades.

“A recent visit by the members of the Parliament in various areas revealed the need for the public infrastructure that will serve its constituents. One of the recommendations was establishing a municipal hospital that will answer the medical needs of constituents,” Parliament member Atty. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph, proponent of two hospital bills, said.

Three hospital bills were discussed in the plenary, one of which aimed to upgrade a district hospital in Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao, with 100 bed-capacity, and the other two aimed to establish municipal and provincial hospitals in Lanao del Sur. 

The Datu Odin Sinsuat District Hospital now has a bed limit of 50, but according to Latiph, this is no longer sufficient to accommodate the high influx of patients requiring health care. 

She said that increasing the hospital’s capacity to 100 and adding medical staff will provide adequate health care to a more significant number of residents in the community.

Similarly, the establishment of municipal and provincial hospitals, both with 25 beds in LDS, aspires to serve the people with “highly accessible, affordable, comprehensive total health care services.”

Parliament Bill 126, a measure eyeing for improving the district medical facility in DOS, was introduced in the first reading by MPs Dr. Saffrullah Dipatuan, Dr. Zul Qarneyn Abas, Engr. Baintan Adil-Ampatuan, and Dr. Susana Anayatin. 

While Parliament Bills 114 and 123, which seek to create hospitals in LDS, were tackled in the second reading. 

Both were referred to committees on health and finance, budget, and management. 

MPs Atty. Maisara Damdamun-Latiph and Dr. Zul Qarneyn Abas principally authored the bills with MPs Ziaur-Rahman Adiong, Hadji Abduladzis Esmael, Faiz Allaudin, Don Mustapha Loong, Sultan Edrieza Rimbang, Muslima Asmawil, Dr. Susana Anayatin, Narciso Yu Ekey, Alzad Sattar, Mudjib Abu, Abdulmuhumin Hashim, Sittie Shahara Mastura, Paisalin Tago, Rasol Mitmug Jr., Suwaib Oranon, Eddie Alih, Ibrahim Ali, Melanio Ulama, Said Salendab, Aida Silongan, Romeo Sema, Ali Sangki, Ali Salik, Bainon Karon, and Bai Maleiha Candao as co-authors. (Publication and Media Relations Division)

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