Bangsamoro lawmakers advocate for land ownership protection for public school sites
July 26, 2023

COTABATO CITY ― Bangsamoro lawmakers are pushing for the enactment of Parliament Bill No. 224, a measure that will protect land ownership rights and improve the educational landscape in the region.

Principally authored by Marjanie Macasalong and Mohagher Iqbal, the bill aims to safeguard the land ownership of sites currently occupied by public schools within the Bangsamoro region.

The authors of PB No. 224 emphasized that a majority of public school sites in the area remain untitled or unregistered, adding that some of the sites, originally donated for educational purposes, have now come under the ownership of local government units.

The proposed measure covers all public school sites under the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE), which have been utilized for at least five years before the enactment of the bill.

If passed into law, PB No. 224 will facilitate the summary titling of both registered and unregistered real properties used as public school sites.

It also allows the immediate transfer of qualified school sites established or occupied by the MBHTE and currently owned by the Bangsamoro government or any BARMM agencies, including local government units. The sites will be titled under the MBHTE, granting the school authorities direct control and supervision over the land they occupy.

PB No. 224 is co-authored by MPs Abdulazis Amenoden, Susana Anayatin, Ali Montaha Babao, Ali Solaiman, Basit Abbas, Engr. Don Mustapha Loong, Albakil Jikiri, Denmartin Kahalan, Michael Midtimbang, Ramon Piang Sr., Atty. Randolph Parcasio, Abdulwahab Pak, Mudjib Abu, Abdullah Hashim, Amroussi Macatanong, Abdullah Macapaar, Mohammad Yacob, Said Shiek, and Tawakal Midtimbang.

Another proposed measure, PB No. 222, or the National Licensure Examination Topnotchers Incentives Act of 2023, has also been introduced.

It is principally authored by MP Abdullah Hashim, joined by MPs Michael Midtimbang, Nurredha Misuari, Suharto Esmael, Dr. Marjanie Macasalong, Hatamil Hassan, Dr. Susana Anayatin, Abdulaziz Amenoden, Dr. Kadil Sinolinding Jr., Khalid Hadji Abdullah, and Mudjib Abu as co-authors.

PB No. 222 seeks to recognize and celebrate academic achievements within the Bangsamoro region. It proposes cash incentives for Bangsamoro individuals who achieve top rankings (1st to 10th place) in any national licensure examination, such as the bar or physician exams.

Learning institutions that produce topnotchers will also receive grants amounting to P100,000 to further improve their academic standards.

To qualify for the incentives under PB No. 222, a Bangsamoro topnotcher must be a resident of the BARMM and have ranked within the top ten in the official results and certifications issued by the relevant national agency conducting the licensure examination.

The Bangsamoro government, according to MP Hashim, recognizes the academic achievements of individuals and learning institutions that have brought pride, honor, and inspiration to Bangsamoro by topping the national licensure examination.

Both PB No. 224 and PB No. 222 reflect the ongoing efforts of the Bangsamoro Parliament to promote and support academic excellence in the region. (LTAIS-Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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