Fast and secure LAN system proposed for Bangsamoro Government
August 15, 2023


COTABATO CITY ― With technology playing an important role in improving the effectiveness and accessibility of public services, a bill has been introduced in the Bangsamoro Parliament to provide a fast, reliable, and economical Local Area Network (LAN) system while ensuring the security of the Bangsamoro government’s data.

Member of the Parliament Hussein Muñoz, one of the principal authors of Parliament Bill No. 231 said that technology has made work easier and services accessible, making it indispensable in delivering public services.

According to the bill’s definition of a LAN, it will be possible to link and simplify the sharing of resources among devices within a moderately sized geographic area. This technology, MP Muñoz stressed, would greatly contribute to the modernization of the Bangsamoro government’s operations.

The proposal stems from three primary concerns articulated by MP Muñoz: the need for significant funding to maintain the sustainability of the internet; government data stored online is extremely vulnerable to hacking; and the inherent advantage of a LAN system lies in its ability to function without an internet connection.

The BTA Bill No. 231 outlines the establishment of a comprehensive LAN system within the Bangsamoro government, not only for the purpose of optimizing service delivery but also to fortify the security of sensitive data.

Upon the successful passage of this bill, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Bangsamoro Information and Communication Technology will be granted a 30-day window to devise the most suitable LAN configuration.

Other MPs Suharto Esmael, Abdullah Hashim, Matarul Estino, Atty. Mary Ann Arnado, Tawakal Midtimbnag, Bassir Utto, Suwaib Oranon, Mudjib Abu, Mohammad Kelie Antao, Abdulaziz Amenodin, and Said Shiek also authored PB No. 231. (LTAIS-Public Information, Publication, and Media Relations Division)

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