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Position(s): BTA Member

Contact Person: Ashari M. Lantud

Contact Number: 09177164525

Email Address: [email protected]

Social Media:

Office Address: Rosary Heights 6, Rosal Street, Cotabato City, Maguindanao


From the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, Member of Parliament Khalid M. Hadji Abdullah popularly known as Kyle is a passionate public servant who have been dreaming for a considerable yet achievable size of change not only in his hometown, but also nationwide.

He is a native of the Province of Lanao del Sur who finished his studies in Mindanao State University – main campus, Marawi City, possessing Bachelor of Science in Biology. He served in the House of Representatives of the Philippines for more than two (2) decades in the office of then 1st District Representative of Lanao del Sur, Faysah RPM Dumarpa, and thereafter, under the office of District Representatives Arturo Robes, and Florida P. Robes of Quezon City, as an Executive Assistant and Officer-In-Charge/Legislative Consultant, respectively. His experience in the National Legislations is an eye opener for his growing passion for public service having at least a bird’s eye view on what is and what not vis-à-vis the true needs of his beloved country, the Philippines.

Having started from the lowest among the professional structures of the government, MP Hadji Abdullah, through hard work and dedication, honorably earned the trust and confidence of the great leaders which paved his way to the Bangsamoro Parliament which in turn became his vehicle to expand his initiatives for the people, and achieve his goals on becoming an all-around advocate he was always dreaming of.

As an all-around advocate he is determined to become, his heart is softest in the fields of health, education and social work.

Principal Authored Bills and Bangsamoro Autonomy Acts:

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